Reply to this post with equipment you’d like to see at the lab. I’m thinking that anything that comes up in the thread more than once or gets a second is going to be worth of consideration. Just name anything even if you think it might exist at the lab already.

  1. DNA synthesizer
  2. UV/VIS spectrophotometer with microplate reader
  3. Liquid handling robot
  4. Flow cytometer (with sorting capabilities)
  5. centrifuge
  6. micropipettes
  7. autoclave
  8. Flow cytometer
  9. 37 C CO2 incubator
  10. qPCR Thermal cycler
  11. -80 degrees freezer

Sources for equipment:

  3. The University of Minnesota recycling store (ReUse Center)




Note to all: The lab equipment wish list now lives in the document, whose link is posted on the MN DIY Bio Google Group message board.

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